The level of comfort provided by the baresoleTM of the FRAMPTON ELLISTM slide is utterly unique, a full magnitude better than any previous footwear.  Just putting on the slides provides instant proof that the comfort of the baresoleTM is completely different, like no other footwear sole.

The reason for this unprecedented level of comfort is that the inner and outer surfaces of the baresoleTM closely mirror the shape of the wearer’s bare footsole.  That way the baresoleTM can closely match the motion of the footsole, both when standing, as well as well as walking and running, when the artificial shape of conventional footwear soles seriously interfere with the natural lateral motion of the human footsole, from supination to pronation to supination in every stride.  

Once on, the baresoleTM becomes almost invisible to the wearer, just providing the much needed additional cushioning the human barefoot must have to cope with hard and often rough artificial surfaces present almost everywhere in modern life.  The baresoleTM also provides the traction needed on slippery artificial surfaces like the wet floor surfaces in bathrooms or polyester rugs on stairs.  Of course, it provides insulation against hot and cold ground surfaces too.

These are all unprecedented improvements compared to conventional footwear soles, but most surprising is that they come in addition to a parallel extraordinary improvement in the lateral stability of the baresoleTM.  In contrast, increased cushioning to improve comfort in conventional footwear soles leads inexorably to increased instability and the danger of injury.