Please be forewarned and understand carefully that by placing your order for these experimental test prototype Frampton EllisTM Slides you are thereby agreeing to become a true Test Pilot in a pre-public test of the slides in a Bleeding Edge Sole Research safety program.  By wear-testing these test prototype slides, you will be literally going where no one has gone before, voluntarily entering into an unknown territory created by an entirely different basic design for footwear soles, the first truly fundamental change in at least two thousand years.  You are going to be on what is literally the bleeding edge of basic research into a radically new natural stability technology designed to make footwear far safer.

The experimental test prototype Frampton EllisTM Slides have a new sole structure based directly on the barefoot sole.  For more information on the new technology and the experimental sole research test pilot program, see SOLER TEST PILOTTM

In initial testing the experimental test prototype Frampton EllisTM Slides have demonstrated natural lateral stability like the that of the barefoot, which should prevent many or most ankle sprains and falls, unlike conventional shoes.  But as the first true sole of its entirely different kind, it probably is not perfect and may even have some unanticipated design problems, possibly serious ones.  That is unknowable at this initial stage of development and only real world testing on a large scale by Test Pilots like you will uncover such potential problems.

            Therefore, in the interest of public safety, please notify us about any serious problems you encounter while testing the experimental test prototype slides, such as ankle sprains or falls, or any other related injury that requires medical care of any form.  That includes you or anyone else you allow to wear the slides.  Even a near miss from a slip or trip that you can recover from, please report it to us with whatever details you think might be helpful in understanding what happened.  Whether you are playing in sports or just walking around.  And most especially be very careful if anyone testing the experimental test slides is very young or old or mobility impaired – all of whom should be carefully monitored when they use the experimental test prototype Frampton EllisTM Slides.

Please help us identify any design problem you might actually stumble across!  Help us prevent any problem you have from being the same problem with future wearers of this revolutionary new design.  That is important because the main goal of this new design is to serve an open industry-wide template for use in developing safer soles for all footwear categories in the future.

Please contact us at this email address and tell us about any problems you have had while using the slides: