FRAMPTON ELLIS is a footwear designer and inventor, as well as an investigative researcher and author. He invented the precursor barefoot sole-based technology used by Adidas in its Feet You Wear line of footwear, worn by Kobe Bryant and Steffi Graf, which was widely copied in the footwear industry. He also developed the basic technology used in Nike’s Free line of footwear, also barefoot sole-based and widely copied.

Frampton is a prolific inventor with well over a hundred U.S. utility patents in many different technology fields, but particularly in footwear soles (with many more than anyone at Nike or Adidas) and also in a basic architecture for secure connected computers. His latest U.S. Patent, No. 11/901,072, is for a generative artificial intelligence (AI) computer system for footwear: a cloud computer system connected to big data from millions of sensor-equipped smartphones, which are connected to their users’ configurable footwear soles with sensors and connected to body sensors as well.

He also has completed the first full draft of two footwear-related books currently in preparation for publication. The first book is UNNATURAL INSTABILITY, which focuses on the long-hidden instability defect of footwear soles compared to the natural stability of the human barefoot. It also provides substantial detail on the design and development of experimental test prototypes, including the baresole™ in the FRAMPTON ELLIS™ slide slide and related prototypes, as well as critical commentary on related footwear products made by the industry.

The second book is titled UNNATURAL DEFORMITY, which investigates another longhidden effect of modern shoes, this time the effect of elevated heels on the foot’s subtalar joint (which is located between the ankle and heel bones). Confirmed in recent formal research, the previously undetected effect is to tilt and twist the ankle joint outward about 8° and 18°, respectively, seriously misaligning the entire modern human body. This occurs when running, during which the peak loads (3 G’s) routinely experienced by the human body significantly interrupt normal bone and joint formation.

The abnormal misalignment results in widespread and often serious bone, joint, and other bilaterally asymmetrical deformities. The abnormal deformities begin in early childhood and, once established, gradually increase throughout life, becoming most serious in the elderly.

The abnormalities have been tragically mistaken for defective normal anatomical development and incorrectly blamed on imperfect recent human evolution into its unique form of bipedalism (which is actually neither recent nor imperfect). The AI computer system described above offers what is likely the only solution to this otherwise impossibly complex medical catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude and consequence. Much more information is available at