A POTENTIAL SOLUTION:   A first step has already been taken.  A new experimental test prototype, a stable BareSole has been designed to have safe lateral stability like the barefoot.  It has proven successful in testing so simple it can be verified by anyone It is also uniquely comfortable.  Factory-built, using only existing footwear technologies that are free and open, its design is not covered by utility patents.

The experimental test prototype BareSole is incorporated in a Frampton EllisTM slide, which was designed and developed by Frampton Ellis at Anatomic Research in collaboration with athletic footwear industry experts in design and manufacturing at i-generator.
The experimental test prototype BareSole Slides provide the first definitive physical proof in the simplest, most visible and easily verifiable way that factory-built footwear with a correctly redesigned basic sole structure can restore to footwear the natural lateral stability of the barefoot ankle.
Only immediate action by the footwear industry can fix the dangerous shoe defect with required speed.  So, as a public service, the very limited first factory production of Frampton EllisTM slides is being made available now at cost and only to footwear companies.  The experimental prototype BareSoles are for their exclusive use as an initial design model for extensive testing and redesign to jump start their rapid development of consumer footwear products that are finally safe.  Uniquely comfortable and stable, BareSole technology could greatly increase sales.

Much more detailed information on the sole instability defect and how to fix it, as well as on the design and development of the experimental test prototype BareSole of the Frampton EllisTM slide is now available in a first full draft of a new book by Frampton Ellis titled, UNNATURAL INSTABILITY (Click to Download).